This trip is a part of the 100 Mile Wilderness Winter Lean-to Challenge.

View of Where We Were Going From Where We Parked

On the last day of 2021, Frosty and I drove on the Mountain Road past the Borestone Mountain Trailhead to the bridge. This is just beyond where the road is officially maintained in the winter. This part had been plowed, but not after the last little bit of snow.

Frosty Pulling the Pulk

It was 25 degrees when we left the vehicle. Rob brought a pulk for our gear. He loaded it up, and we walked in on a packed snowmobile trail toward the Barren Mountain trailhead.

Frosty Didn’t Excede the Speed Limit

We headed up the the unofficial trail, marked by flagging tape, a short distance. I think this trail is a maintainers trail for the Long Pond Stream Lean-To. Then Frosty unpacked the pulk, and we cut over to Long Pond Steam and joined the Appalachian Trail.

Long Pond Stream

The footing was more uneven and challenging than on the other trail, but the view of the stream was worth it. A blanket of snow with open water and icicles.

The entire day was supposed to be overcast, so we were happy to have some peaks of sun early in our hike.

We stopped into the Long Pond Stream Lean-To. We put on some warmth layers, had a snack, and checked out the logbook. After our break, we headed up the trail toward the Barren Ledges.

Long Pond Stream Lean-To

I thought I’d taken a lot more photos during the rocky sections leading up to Barren Ledges before you reach the slide area.I realized later that I’d been pushing the wrong button.

One Photo I Did Get of One of the Rocky Sections

We had been bare booting most of the way. The upper end of the rocky area had some ice under the snow layer, so we put on our microspikes to be safe.

Frosty on Barren Ledge Overlooking Lake Onawa

I was surprised that the ledges were covered with crusty snow. I was expecting glare ice. We were lucky that we had a good view from the ledges, since both Borestone and the Barren Mountaintop were in the clouds.

Lake Onawa and Borestone Mountain with Its Summit in the Clouds

The temperature warmed up a bit and the snow got a little melty and some steps got slippery, like walking on Crisco. There were mouse and squirrel tracks in many areas near the trail.

Magoo on Barren Ledge Overlooking Lake Onawa

We went back on the unofficial trail, instead of toward the lean-to. We got back to the pulk and loaded it with our packs. Then we walked back to our vehicle. This ended up being 8 miles round trip.

Looking Back to Where We’d Been

I hadn’t been out for an adventure this long in awhile and due to the melting and uneven footing I used lots of stabilizing muscles, so I was a little sore after. Below are more photos from our day.

Frosty Checks out the Long Pond Stream Logbook

View Walking into Barren Ledges

Icy Trees on Barren Ledges

The Trail Went up to Overlook Long Pond Stream

Long Pond Stream

Coming Down From Barren Ledges

View at the End of Our Day Looking Back at Barren

The Summit of Barren Was in the Clouds as Well

On the Banks of Long Pond Stream

On the Unnamed Access Trail in the Morning

Frosty on Barren Ledges Overlooking Lake Onawa

On Trail Before Reaching the Lean-To

Long Pond Stream

Lake Onawa and Borestone Mountain with Its Summit in the Clouds



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