Frosty and Magoo after Running the Caribou Half Marathon

Magoo and Frosty

We are Frosty and Magoo. We are both Mainers, born and raised. We have lived on the coast, near the mountains, and in between. We have two teenage boys, K-Pop and Squirrel.

White Cap Mountain


Frosty was practically raised in a canoe. He grew up hunting and fishing with his family. Frosty loves hiking, snowshoeing, camping, traveling, ATV-ing, ice fishing, and hunting. Frosty hiked over half the Appalachian Trail way back in his college days and is slowly working toward completing it in sections.

Snowshoeing on Bald Mountain


Magoo’s childhood was filled with  living in the water when the Maine weather would allow it and camping. Her love for hiking has grown the longer she’s been with Frosty. She loves traveling and National Parks. Magoo enjoys snowshoeing and running road races. She wants to try a trail race someday.