I Did It! MYOG Rain Skirt

I decided to make myself a rain skirt. My inspiration was the Zpacks rain kilt. Frosty recently got the Zpacks rain kilt. He is not a fan of rain pants. He is going to see if the rain kilt works for him. If I had been thinking ahead, I would have Read more…

By Magoo, ago

My Running Story

In February of 2017, I began to think. Hmm, I’d like to try running. I had never run before. I had never even had the desire to run before. But, the last week in February, I started running on my treadmill. I also signed up to run a 5K on Read more…

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The Caravel 5 Miler Race Report

As I started the Caravel 5 Miler, I thought the title of this post might end up being… Give me a broom. I’ll sweep! I ended up not being last, but I was the last adult! This was the 5th annual running of the Caravel 5 Miler. This race benefits the Read more…

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