The Maine Triple Twinter Challenge is a single season winter challenge to summit the following 4000 footer twin summits in Maine:

  • Saddleback (4120′) and the Horn (4023′)
  • Crocker (4228′) and South Crocker Mountain (4050′)
  • The Bigelows, West (4145′) and Avery Peak (4090′)

Here are the basics of the rules.

  1. All peaks must be summited in a single winter season.
  2. Hikes begin and end at the trailhead. On-foot (bare boot, traction, snowshoe, ski) travel only from trailhead to summit back to trailhead.
  3. The trailhead is defined by the point at which you can no longer easily and legally drive a four-wheeled street legal passenger vehicle in the summer. You may arrive at the trailhead by any means.
  4. The first hike must begin at the trailhead after the the winter solstice.
  5. The last hike must be completed (back at the trailhead after summiting) before spring equinox.
  6. Those who complete the challenge must complete the APPLICATION, and submit $10.00 postmarked by April 6th. Successful hikers will receive a patch and a sticker and have their names posted on this page.
  7. Must be completed during or after the winter of 2019-2020.

On the summit of Crocker Mountain

Subcategories of this challenge include:

  • Standard: All six summits in a single winter.
  • Pure: All six summits in a single winter, and each twin was summited on the same day.
  • Speed: All six summits in a single winter in three consecutive days.
  • FKT: Fastest Known Time. Timed from start of the first trailhead to returning to the final trailhead.

Frosty and Magoo Completing the ME Triple Twinter Challenge on Bigelow’s West Peak

NameTypeFKTN. CrockerS. CrockerSaddlebackThe HornW. PeakAveryDuration
Robert PottlePure2/1/20 – 2/17/2412/22/1912/22/1912/29/1912/29/192/1/202/1/2042
Diane PottlePure2/1/20 – 2/17/2412/22/1912/22/1912/29/1912/29/192/1/202/1/2042
Tom PendersPureCURRENT2/15/242/15/242/17/242/17/242/14/242/14/244
Owen BradleyPure2/4/242/4/242/25/242/25/242/3/242/3/2423
David E. LeFevrePure2/8/242/8/243/4/243/4/242/17/242/17/2426
Nancy LaBaffPrueCURRENT2/18/242/18/242/15/242/15/242/16/242/16/244



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Bob Poirier · December 28, 2019 at 8:21 pm

This sounds cool. I am always looking for a challenge.
Thank you!

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