Frosty and I weren’t in any rush to wake up. We knew that the hiking part of our day was going to be short.¬†We left our tent spot along Furnace Brook and started the hike toward our car.

The hike was rocky at the start, but then it mellowed out. There were lots of trailside lady slippers today.

While up on the ridge, Frosty got a call. Our son was dealing with car troubles at home. This is at least the third time that one of our sons has called us on a mountaintop with car issues. This was the first call in the summer though.

We hiked 4.7 miles today. Our endpoint was the parking lot off Rt 17A in New York. This meant I’d finished another state on my AT journey… New York done!

At the car, we cleaned up as much as you can with wet wipes. I wanted to go to Bellvale Farm Creamery to get ice cream, but it didn’t open for an hour. We had a long drive ahead, so we skipped it.





I like to get outdoors and enjoy life. I hike, snowshoe, run races, travel, camp, and sometimes just sit.

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