The AT Crosses the Pochuck Creek Bridge

We had a boardwalk in our hike this morning. This section had some cool views.

The Appalachian Trail Follows the Pochuck Boardwalk

When we arrived at the road crossing in Vernon, we travelled a short distance on the road to get to Heaven Hill Farm This was a much anticipated food stop for me.

Heaven Hill Farm

Robert had some homemade cider donuts. I had some raspberry chip ice cream. And we each had a Coke. Many other hikers were also stopped here enjoying food at the outdoor tables.

After eating at Heaven Hill, we went across the street and ate again! We stopped at a roadside hot dog stand. Frosty had a hot dog, and I had some chips.

Hot Dog Stand

We climbed the Stairway to Heaven. This is a bunch of┬árock steps that steeply lead up Wawayanda Mountain. We took the short side trail to Pinwheel Vista. The view was expansive and we could see Heaven Hill where we’d eaten not long before. This is a popular day hike.

Pile of Rocks Near the Short Blue Blaze Trail to Pinwheel Vista on Wawayanda Mountain

While hiking today we met Bam! and Hero, a husband and wife team who were thru hiking. They were raising money for a North Carolina food pantry, MANNA. They had a website, Hiking for Hunger. A friend, J. Chill, was hiking a section with them.

View of Heaven Hill Farm from Pinwheel Vista

We stopped at the Wawayanda Shelter to tape my blisters. My feet were still messed up from our New York Section hike. Someone had left some wooden walking sticks in the shelter. There is also a trail angel who leaves new socks here for hikers in need.

Frosty at the Wawayanda Shelter

The trail got ledgier. And eventually, we crossed the New Jersey/New York border. This landmark seemed to take forever to reach because I was excited for it. I finished another state!

The AT Border Marking

There were quite a few flowers on our route today. The only wildlife we saw today was a garter snake and a deer. The deer was pretty close to us before it ran off.

Magoo Finishing New Jersey

The highpoint of the AT in NY is just under a half mile from the border crossing.

Frosty at the Highest Point on the AT in New York

The trail in this area was on ledge. Most was flatish or gently sloped. One area was a bit tricky for me to get down, so I scooted on my butt. I’ve done a lot of scooting in Maine and New Hampshire, not very often though in New York and New Jersey.

Most of the sectioners and flip floppers that we had been traveling with chose to go to the Warwick Drive-In Movie Theater. They let hikers tent on the edge of the property. We decided to stay on trail.

Ridge Top Trail

We set up our tent at a stealth spot near Furnace Brook. We were joined by Round House, a flip flopper who had started south of Shenandoah National Park. He was hammocking.

We had chicken and dumplings with some added freeze dried turkey for supper. I loved hearing the sound of the brook as we fell asleep.

We hiked 16.9 trail miles.Here are some more photos of our day:

Approaching the Pochuck Creek Bridge on the Boardwalk

View from Pinwheel Vista

Frosty on the Pinwheel Vista Viewpoint

Walking Sticks in the Wawayanda Shelter

The Highest Point on the AT in New York

Frosty Walked Down This… But I Scooted. It Looked Worse in Person.









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