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Hooray for Moxie Day! Robert Pottle has done it again, and this time you're going to love being bitten by the Poetry Bug. Learning about poetry has never been so much fun. --Kenn Nesbitt, author of "The Aliens Have Landed!" (Read more praise.)

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MOXIE DAY and Family - A Laugh and Learn Book of Poetry
by Robert Pottle, Jonathan Siruno (Illustrator)

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Perfect Binding - 128 pages (First Printing June 2002)
Blue Lobster Pr; ISBN: 0-9709569-1-6 ; Dimensions (in inches): 7.5w x 9h

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Hey kids! Read the Introduction to MOXIE DAY and Family.

WARNING: The above links is for kids only! Parents and teachers must use the link at right.

Teachers and Parents! Read the Introduction to MOXIE DAY and Family.

WARNING: The above links is for parents and teachers only! Children must use the link at left.

Moxie Day is a perfect blend of truth and humor. A delightful read for both the young and the young at heart. --Linda Knaus, children's poet (Read more praise.)

Poetry Index

All of these poems can be found in MOXIE DAY and Family - A Laugh and Learn Book of Poetry

April Fools 70

Art Class 30

At the Farm 69

Bak too Skool 17

Black Beard 14 Preview the illustration!

Daddy Day 8

Embarrassed 65

Field Trip 77

Fly Guys Cinquain 109

Fly Guys Senryu 111

Follow the Leader 32

Funny Time 64

Getting Out 54

Going 93

Good Morning 101

Grammar Lesson 49

Haiku 55

I Think Ill Leave My Snowsuit On 45

Laughing 104

Little Miss Moxie Day 9

Magic Show 89

Mama Day 8

Meathead 8

Mistletoe Millie 40

Mom! 33

Mr. Gold 112

Murphy Day 8

November 1st 29 Preview the illustration!

On Halloween 24

Orville and Wilbur Wright 115

Illustration by Jonathan Siruno

Ouch! 15

Our Dog 61

Paying Attention 56

Picture Day 62

Play Ball! 85

Poetry 103

Poetry Bugs Cinquain 109

Poetry Bugs Haiku 111

Running Away 71

Scary Costume 23

Sharing 22

Shoe Tying 78

Show and Tell 46

Super Spy 81

Thank You Captain Cootie 80

The Artist 72

The First Day of Kindergarten 13

The Prank 47

The Rubber Band Game 88

The Store 21

The Train Name Game 94

The True Meaning of Christmas 38

Time to Go 95

Tomato Soup 86

We Could Have Bought a Hamster 102

What Really Happened to the Unicorns? 53

When Santa Came to School 39

Why Do I Have to Learn to Count Money? 37

Why Does the Moon Follow Me? 96

Poetry Bug Comic Strip Index

All of these poetic forms and terms are defined in MOXIE DAY and Family - A Laugh and Learn Book of Poetry

Illustration by Jonathan Siruno

Alliteration 119

Assonant Rhyme 118

Bentley, E Clerihew 113

Calligramme 117

Captain Cootie 120

Cinquain (form) 108

Cinquain (stanza) 107

Clerihew 113

Couplet 106

Crapsey, Adelaide 108

Double Dactyl 114

Emblematic Verse 117

Epigram 113

Figure Poem 117

Free Verse 112

Haiku 110 Preview the comic strip!

Hecht, Anthony 114

Lines 106

Mad Song Stanza 116 Preview the comic strip!

Pattern Poem 117

Perfect Rhyme 118

Quatrain 106

Senryu 111 Preview the comic strip!

Illustration by Jonathan Siruno

Shape Poem 117

Sixain 107

Stanzas 106

Stress 114

Syllables 108

Triplet 106

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