Poetry Performance Rubric and Report Generator

Fill in the performer's name and your name then listen carefully to the performer. After the perfomance is done select one choice under each heading, and add any additional comments before clicking the generate report button. If you would like to use a rubric that also scores for "Visuals/Props" use our original rubric. (But Shannon prefers this rubric).

Performer's Name or ID:

Scorer's Name or ID:

VOLUME Select one.

could not be heard

only heard by those who were close

could be heard, but not loud enough

could be heard comfortably

a bit too loud

uncomfortably loud

SPEED Select one.

much too fast, difficult to understand

speed changed at inappropriate times

a little too fast

appropriate speed, pleasant to listen to

a little too slow

much too slow, difficult to pay attention

EMOTION Select one.

use of emotion enhanced the performance

too emotional, over dramatic

too little emotion used, a bit bland

emotions used were inappropriate

no emotion used, flat line


use of gestures/movement enhanced the performance

too many gestures/movement used, spastic, hyper

too few gestures/movements used, a bit dull

gestures/movement used were inappropriate

no gestures/movement used, statue

EYE CONTACT Select one.

direct eye contact encouraged attention of listners

eye contact used at times to encourage the attention of others

eye contact did not encourage attention of listeners

eye contact not made with listeners

Comments to include on report.

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