My Summer Vacation 
I have a special talent that I learned right here at school.
My friends all asked to see me try. They said, "Come on it's cool."
So I unlocked my locker's door and flung it open wide.
I said, "For your amusement, I will close myself inside."

I squished and squeezed and twisted limbs while trying to get in.
My nose was crushed by smelly shoes. Some gum was on my chin.
With moldy cupcakes underfoot, a coat hook in my ear,
I used my toe to close the door. My friends began to cheer.

But then I heard the school bell ring. My friends yelled, "Yea, we're done!"
I panicked as I figured out that summer had begun.
I tried to open up the door but somehow it had locked.
So I began to kick and scream. I shouted and I knocked.

But it was all of little use 'cause everyone was gone.
I tried to bust my locker door, but didn't have the brawn.
Most kids will spend their summer playing games like tag or soccer,
but not poor me, I'll spend my summer trapped inside my locker.

Copyright © 2006, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved