Another poem from the book MOXIE DAY and Family!

Don't see what's so fun about follow-the-leader.
First it was Katie, then David, now Peter.
Peter is leading us all down the hall.
What's worse is he's going to make all of us crawl.
Crawling's for babies. It isn't for me.
Ow! I've got rug burns all over my knee.
Now Kimberly's first. What is she doing?
I feel so embarrassed. She's got us all mooing.
Of all the dumb games I like this one the worst.
I'm quitting. I'm leaving. I'll never…

What's that?

It's my turn to be first!

Did I happen to mention that I love this game
when me and the leader are one and the same.
Copyright © 2002, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved