Where Are My Socks?
When I awoke this morning
I was feeling mighty groggy.
My eyes were filled with sleepy sand.
My mind was gray and foggy.

I tried to find a pair of socks
while I was getting dressed.
My sister said, "Go check the dryer.
Warm socks are the best."

I reached into the dryer
-- I was more than half asleep --
but I could see that Sis was right
those socks sure warmed my feet.

I got to school. My friends all laughed.
They said my socks were silly.
I looked and saw my mismatched socks:
one pink, the other frilly.

I wore my sister's socks to school.
I can think of nothing worse.
From now on when I dress myself
I have to wake up first.

Copyright © 2005, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved