Cowboy in the Classroom

Summer's gone. It's back to school.
My mind is filled with doubts.
Will this year's teacher be a nut
that screams a lot and shouts?
I get to school and climb the stairs
to classroom 2 - 0 - 4.
As I approach, I'm shocked to see
a cowboy at the door.
The cowboy has a hat and rope,
and boots upon his feet.
I walk into the classroom
and I sit down at my seat.
The cowboy then comes in the room
and stands for all to see.
I wonder why a cowboy's here.
Who could this cowboy be?
The cowboy in the classroom says,
"Howdy, glad t'meet cha."
It's only then I realize - 
this cowboy is my teacher! 

Copyright © 2004, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved