Another poem from the book MOXIE DAY and Family!

Running Away
I'm running away and I'm leaving tonight.
My parents and I, we got into a fight.
They said at the table I couldn't be rude.
They said that I wasn't allowed to throw food!
So, I'm packing my things and I won't bring a comb.
I'll wear my hair messy wherever I roam.
I won't bring my toothbrush, my shampoo, or floss.
I won't listen to grown-ups. I'll be my own boss.
I'm leaving. Don't stop me. Now don't even try.
I'm leaving. Don't stop me. Don't even say bye.
I'll run away far 'cause this isn't a bluff.


I think running away to the porch is enough. 

Copyright © 2000, Robert Pottle 
All Rights Reserved