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Funny Poem Links

The best funny poetry web sites.

I have another web site! It's called Funny Poems. Read more kid poems, listen to the Funny Poems Podcast, and watch funny poem movies - all at Funny Poems.

Robert's Other Sites
LOL Poetry
Fabulous funny poems and podcasts by Robert Pottle.

Giggle Poets
Site of the very funniest poets writing today.

Robert's Favorite Sites
Poetry for Kids
Giggle poet Kenn Nesbitt's fantastic funny poetry site.

Giggle Poetry
Robert Pottle and many other funny poets featured here.

Eric Ode
Giggle Poet (and musician) Eric Ode's funny poetry site.

Linda Knaus
Linda's site feature many types of her poetry.

Ted Scheu - That Poetry Guy
Former teacher and funny poet Ted Scheu's site.

Laugh A Lot Poetry
New funny poet Darren Sardelli new site. I'm a fan.

Robert Munsch
Some poetry, but the stories make this site great.

Sites that Link to Us
A great looking site with funny children's poetry.

Imagine Songs
Joe Thompson's poetry, illustations, and music.

Andrea Shavick
Original poetry and books by Andrea Shavick.

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